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… Bell rings, head to gym – hop on the treadmill, elliptical if they’re taken, throw in a few weight machines, call it a day, repeat next day (or next week:)).  Let’s face it.  One of the biggest challenges faced by workout fanatics (or wannabe-workout fanatics, like most of us) is the lack of variety.  Not only does it numb the brain, it numbs the body.  We’ve all heard it before, that the best workout routines are anything BUT routine – and yet we fall into one because let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to get to the gym in a routinely fashion as is.  Who wants to spend time the time and energy ‘planning’ to spice it up?  What if, in the very place where exercise could become routine (ie: the gym) there lived a multitude of different options to spice it up, to target the muscles that get left behind when we make our usual lap around the gym?  CRUNCH did the work to make sure you always keep your mind, and your body guessing, and it’s sure to cure the plague of normalcy.

What’s right for you?  No matter your location or your preference, CRUNCH has you covered with their state-of-the-art gym franchises with locations in LA, San Fran, East Bay, Miami, and of course, the BIG APPLE.  The rapid expansion of their brand can likely be attributed to their unique fusion of fitness and entertainment, which takes a little of the ‘work’ OUT, of your workout.

No one’s perfect, but let’s keep in mind why you go to the gym.  Other than the better-than-average ‘scenery’.  If you lust after a spa-like locker room with miniature soaps shaped like animals, you may find some of these locker rooms a bit grim – so adjust your expectations, change at home, or treat yourself to a spa day once you’ve lost all the weight you never actually thought you would!  If you lust after the high you get when you challenge your body in new ways, CRUNCH offers all of the funked-out/worked-up classes you’d need in order to short-circuit any “I’m bored” excuses.  There are plenty of machines to satisfy a workout loner, but their defining edge is in the class selection.  Why zone out on the treadmill when you can burn calories with a Bollywood-style dance workout? Why do sets of leg presses when you can take a class geared to boarding for skaters, surfers and snowboarders?  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then how about  some cardio striptease or some disco yoga?

I tell you about this road because I’ve taken it before, when I’ve bitten the bullet and taken a class that sounded innovative or different, and  it’s bailed me out of my exercise routine rut more than once or twice.  If nothing here suits your style, take a tour of the website for a full listing of classes and locations: <;

The instructors are legitimately certified to kick your rear into gear (personal trainers can sometimes lack in their qualifications and can be more inclined to pick you up rather than work you out).  If you’re intrigued but scared of the price tag, fear not – Crunch offers a fair price point for a monthly membership, and you might even fulfill your need to go out with the head-bumping, hip-jutting club-like atmosphere, with the sporadic attendance of a live DJ.  Be forewarned that the secret’s out, and the best classes fill up early, so get there on time or your spot will be auctioned off.  No surprise, traffic jam in NYC, gridlock guarantee with any noteworthy spot around the city.  What are you waiting for?! Spice it up!

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