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That’s right, NYC is totally racked – with a recent announcement that our beloved Big Apple will be partnering with a bike share program called NYT.  The program will launch officially between this summer and 2012, though we’re still waiting to hear where the bike stations will be placed.  After NYC implements the program, a total of 600 stations & 10,000 total bicycles will be available for our commuting pleasure, making the upcoming launch the largest bike share program deployment in the world thus far (that’s right NY – go big or go home).

So, if you have yet to visit a city with a similar road program here is the jist of it; Borrow a bike to tour the city from a bike station to get from point a to point B (park it at any of the 600 stations no specified return locations) or get a membership and ride to work.  A yearly membership will run around $100 (all pricing has yet to be finalized) and will include unlimited 45 min bike checkout periods.   

Since nailing down the bike station locations is the next step for implementation, our democratic city has decided to ask the public’s advice on where to park this project – consensus so far? Everywhere, right next to them and everywhere they want to go.  Go figure. 

We like the people who suggested New Jersey. Yeah, okay, Jersey, sure.
If you have yet to put in your two cents and would like to make a recommendation on where to place a bike station, visit the New York City Bike Share here.
Stayed tuned for the latest updates and breaking news on the ongoing Bike Wars, right here in NYC.  
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