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On May 23 smoking in New York City’s parks, beaches, board walks, pedestrian plazas and other public spaces will be banned. Following both Chicago and San Fransisco, New York is putting up a fight against smoke in public places.

Bloomberg signed the legislation on Tuesday after the city council voted 36 to 12 in favor of the smoking restrictions extending the city’s existing ban on smoking in restaurants and bars.

Enforced by New York City’s parks department, with a single warning before issuing a $50 fine. Police will not enforce the ban.

Smoking will still be allowed on sidewalks, parking lots, streets and in their homes.

Healthy living is of avid importance to Bloomberg. Here is a look at several other promoted health measures he has enforced, or plans to plans to:

1.  Ban on trans fats in restaurant food

2. Chain restaurants must display calorie counts on menus

3. Current campaign for nationally for food companies to cut salt levels in their products

4. Current campaign for the federal government to ban the purchase of sugary drinks with food stamps (federal vouchers used by 42 million low-income Americans to buy food)

New Yorker’s can smoke on sidewalks, parking lots, streets and in their homes, although most landlords don’t allow it.

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