Watering HOLE

Your body is made up of 75 percent water as is the planet we live on…coincidence? I think not! This month’s SWEAT SESSION is almost over. With the sweltering weather I hope you all have been staying hydrated (putting back in what you have been putting out)? The water bottles are out my friends – eco savvy and well designed, because everyone is doing it! My friend and personal trainer Paul

adiCup 2010 Herzo Pack

Get it, get it, get it girl! Presenting the final design collaboration between Adidas and Nelson Mandela’s charity group 46664 to honor the role of South Africa as the World Cup host. The final pack features a jersey, Votary shoes, bag and a limited edition ball that will be the match ball at all of the adiCup tournaments globally this year. Only 250 of the final packs will be made

NibMor… Does the body GOOD (THIS WEEKEND)

Have you heard of NibMor? If you have, GREAT! If not, you should check it out…. Here is your opportunity to give them a try along with several other delicious organic food companies for NibMor’s first annual Let’s Give Back event for HealthCorps. Other delicious, healthy, fresh, and organic food vendors will include Organic Avenue, The Regal Vegan, Purely Elizabeth, StoGo, The V-Spot, Organique, Funky Monkey, and Nanoosh… some of NYC’s

Fun in the Sun

As I was laying on the beach this past Saturday, I was thinking to myself, “this sun feels amazing…” followed by, “E, best put on some more suntan lotion.” It might be the temperature, but one thing is for sure, summer is in full swing! The temperature is hotter than hot and most often than not…  along with all that summer fun comes an extra dose of UV RAYS. I

whY 3 you ask?

Well, besides three being my favorite number, the number three also happens to be the perfect number to play a little game of Frisbee at Sheep Meadow (two can get a little boring but three spices it up a bit). There is nothing I love more than burning calories when you don’t even realize it. Glam up your game a bit with this Y-3 take on a fashioned Frisbee. Don’t

Warriors of Radness

First thought when looking at the below images: That’s not a woman! Well, you’re right, this is a photo of a man, silly! My latest obsession – ‘anything and everything NEON’ – has me obsessed with this company: Warriors of Radness. WOR, based in LA, embodies a unique surf-city lifestyle point-of-view. WOR’s philosophical spirit is rooted in an unwavering, imaginative idea that modern beach style should be as diverse and

Chanel Goes Extreme

Well, it seems as though I have died and gone to heaven! Extreme Chanel heaven that is. Today I came across Chanel sporting equipment (my life will never be the same). Never before have I pondered placing Chanel and gnarly in the same sentence…. but now the two go hand in hand. Chanel has once again made the lives of the rich and famous a bit more chic. Chanel’s sport collection

Don’t Sweat It

What’s your take on sporting these old school sweat stoppers? I say it’s a go – not only a fashion statement but an accessory – a great way to spice up your workout gear. Not to mention that this is a user-friendly, must-have for the hard-core athlete who wants to stop that sweat. So take a moment and check out the styles below that will stop sweat in its tracks.

Fathers Day

A shout out to all the Dads out there…. Although the ‘day’ is over I hope it was wonderful and filled with lots of love. Happy Fathers Day M.D. Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.Fathers Day Quote by: Gloria Naylor.

Check It

Shortaaaaaa – Nike Training Compression Shorts are some of my fav’s to work it out in and sweat it out in. If you have never heard of the clothing article know as the ‘compression short’ before this very moment –  think new age spandex – as in new fabrics/colors/and gym clothing acceptance – defined by dictionary.com as; form-fitting garments usually worn by athletes. When worn they cover the athlete’s waist to

Desert Storm: Hot Summer Fashion

Sports gear is in. Teen Vogue’s Surfin Safari spread brings you gear that can beat the heat; with cool tie-dye, breezy anoraks, and streamlined neoprene surf gear. This shoot might be a little over accessorized (as in too much everything) but the style is right, and taking your favorite pieces from each of these looks may spice up your summer wardrobe  with a new surf inspired twist.  Check out some

Do It Better in the Water

I may offer a bit of a biased opinion when it comes to working out in the water. With a Mom who is a water aerobics instructor and brother who swam for a nationally ranked USA swim club, to a wake-board junkie for a Dad, I have spent many hours working it out in the water. Weather doing laps, boarding, or surfing, you need a suit that will stay in

Make A Splash

With a month dedicated solely to sweat, why not play it cool in the pool? The water might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of shaping up and slimming down,— but perhaps it should be. No other workout burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body (without putting stress on your joints) better than swimming. A water workout can whittle a sexy, sculpted silhouette.