New Wave

Lucky Mag – June 2010 Issue – New Wave spread has some token looks that were to good not to share…..As the weather gets hotter, they have taken inspiration from the vibrant cool of Cali surf culture. This sunny Cali style wont break your bank – but it still down right hot. Thanks Lucky Mag!

A dollar… dollar… is all you need!

I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need…And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me… I know, I know… enough with the song quotes already (thank you ALOE BLACK); but this is a perfect intro to one of my favorite sweaty places in NYC. Is only a dollar – that’s right (1$) donation based only studio – suggested class

Music Sweat Best Bet

Music could not be more important to me when I am working out. The right music can not only put me in the right workout mindset, but it can give me that extra push I need to step it up. I always seem to take classes that have good music. I don’t know how important it is in your workout but it’s vital to a kick myself into shape workout

Pump Up the Jam

Did I just reference Jock Jams VOLUME 1 (Oh Yes…Yes I did!) Because we all know…sometimes were just not in the go all out – push it – pump it up mood. The workout mood that is…and we all need a little kick in the right direction now and then, and what better way to jump-start your workout than some pump it up jams? Brought to you by none other


The first game that is ….WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA 2010 is in play…. RIGHT NOW!! Current Score: RSC South Africa (1) vs. Mexico (0) Talk about working up a sweat – soccer is a hellacious way to sweat it out – 90 min of sprinting gets you in shape, and fast! For all you non-football fans, here is a primer on basic rules and a terminology re-cap for that bar brawl

You Spin My Head Right Round – Right Round.

She’s amazing, fire blazing…Stephanie Spangler’s spin classes that is. Her up-beat music and challenging spin workouts consist of various workout routines that leave her students dripping sweat and begging for more. There literally is a waiting list to get into her classes! Sweating it out in her class is an understatement. Her body belongs on a poster… this stellar physique can be attributed to her extensive background in competitive sports

LULULEMON ATHLETICA goes sweat savvy

If you don’t know what LULULEMON is, you should! Over the past nine years Lululemon Athletica has become the fastest growing athletic apparel company in their market. Founder Chip Wilson had the right idea developing technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits designed specifically by athletes for athletes. What else could you want from a company, oh let me think….earth conscious (75% of fibers used

Sweat It Out (JUNE)

As I was taking a short, leisurely yog (def; jogging. I believe it’s jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild) through East Hampton this past Sunday, I returned in twenty minutes with a sweat drenched outfit and the following two conclusions…. First, it’s officially summer; and, second, it is hellaciously

Make A Mark – (On Your Calendar, That Is)

I woke this A.M. and immediately checked my email (something I rarely do…I am not a morning person to say the least, but I had an intuition) to find a long email from my big sis.  It’s funny how sisters can see the big picture – as in, “Eva you need to find your niche – you have writer’s block: this is what you need to do.” So thanks to Carol

Shady Lady

What’s your summer shade for 2010? Summer nail color has never been more electrifying, from bold color popping shades of neon’s, sunny corals, eye-catching purples, metallic’s, nudes, navy’s, to passionate pastels, the options are endless! It’s all but obvious, nail color is a key component to any summer wardrobe. Fashion retailers have taken note and jumped on the color creation to presentation bandwagon. Companies such as J-Crew, Chanel, and American

Alchemy Hour

It’s Alchemy Hour – Beach Speak for time to get on board and ride the surf.  There’s nothing quite like a day of fun in the sun to get the juices flowing, and it seems that the most recent issue of Flare has the right idea with its surf-filled cover shoot starring Canada’s very own Alana Zimmer. Neon colors and African inspired accessories and garments from Matthew Williamson, Prada, Proenza,

Preview Plage Privée | Vogue Paris May 2010

The perfect mix of fashion sexy fashion and must have swimwear makes this shoot featuring sexy and Sporty vixen/model Natasha Poly a stand out. Captured by photographer Moari Sorrenti and styled by Emmanuel Alt presents a fun a fresh take on summer style for 2010. Just in time to grab these sporty accessories to pack away for memorial day weekend!


LipstickandaLiftpass.com first Press editorial! Via http://lisa-vonweise.360fashion.net/2010/05/sportswear.php Real Players Staying in shape is a key component to pulling off luxury looks.  Soccer, football, boxing, a good old run, or even a power tour of the city’s great outdoor spaces….get out there and get active. Spotlight is on Eva Vaughan, is fashion professional who knows a thing or two about sports. She grew up playing each and every sport to name (14