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This one’s personal, folks.  On a scale of 1-10, how exciting/amazing/warm & fuzzy does it feel when you stumble upon an old object of your affection?  Maybe it’s a notebook from grade school, or some old drawings of things you dreamed up, an old mix tape – there’s nothing better.  I was hit with a wave of this exciting nostalgia recently when I stumbled upon (what I profess to be) several photographic works of genius that I took several years ago in a fashion photography class in London.


Though some time has passed since I first looked through the lens to capture those poignant moments in time, I can still see a clear portrayal of my passion for defining women in a fashion meets fitness collision.  The ways in which women are portrayed as athletes is constantly being defined and refined – the purpose of the project I took these photographs for was to capture a glimpse of the female athlete.


When you think about it, a glimpse can be so telling.  A wrinkle in time, a blink of the eye, however you choose to describe the brevity of its nature, the sheer fact of the matter is that it’s a small piece of a big pie, but that small piece is just as flavorful as the rest.  This thought led me to begin to think about what defines a female athlete then, and I’m thinking the same thought today.  What’s changed about that definition throughout time?  When you look through the lens to capture a glimpse of the female athlete, who do you see?



If there’s anyone out there who can answer this question – it’s you – the beautiful people that define the buzz-worthy center of the fashion meets fitness Venn diagram.  SO let’s hear it!  Who are the people currently defining the norm, or better, the standard, for a female athlete in the year 2011?  I would love to hear your thoughts – where we stand in the lineup, what direction we’re headed in, what you’d see through that lens.


Please share.  More than anything, I hope to inspire, so send me what’s inspired you. 


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