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No matter where you are in the game of love you have probably pondered whats behind it all. Ralph Lauren has taken step forward, they have conducted a little love research. The statistics may just change the way your play the game?


Over 1000 + adults 18+, with a second over-sampling of non-married adults 18-44 were interviewed. The key findings; when it comes down to it, men, too, love a little love and romance. Heres some other interesting overall findings:

– Men & Women are equally likely to believe in true love

– More than 4 in 5 single men believe in true love (84%) and more than 3 in 4 believe in soul mates (76%).

– Men say “I love you” sooner than women

– The #1 thing men want for Valentine’s Day is to hear “I love you”

Fragrance is an indelible part of romance:

– Fragrance leaves a lasting impression-1 in 3 adults remember what fragrance their significant othe was wearing on their first date (34%)

– 1 in every 4 single adults say someone has asked them out because they liked their fragrance or cologne (28%)

– Fragrance is the #1 lucky date item single adults say they wear on every date (28%)

– Among single adults with a lucky date item, 73% say that item is fragrance

– 1 in 10 American adults consider fragrances to be among their top three favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

See following survey results. Have a wonderful Valentines Day! May it be hot, steamy, heart warming, smile causing, sweet, decadent, romantic, and playful.

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