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As a new yorker I feel inclined to have a shoe for every occasion. So why not…. a leisure shoe? Definitely a luxury  but if your lifestyle calls for a lot of leisure you might as well be rocking the right kicks.  What really draws me to Rivieras is the fact that they are accessible. Thank the lord for anything but crocs, I’m so sorry but these are the front-runner in fashion faux-pas . Riviera offers a classic shoe with all the leisure bells and whistles – relaxed, breathable, slip-on and a dash of foreign flavor.  Anyhow, I think these  unisex kicks are super clean, kick flip flops and rainbows to the curb (sorry overdone and outdated – not to say I don’t have a handy pair in the back of my wake-board bag) sandals to the curb and have just become the ultimate in vacation footwear, and perfect for an after yoga treat for your feet!

Just like their native roots, Riviera’s Leisure Shoes is also perfect for the summer. The canvas and mesh have an slip-on slip-off ease that comes in a series of colorways for Summer 2010. We also like the stitching on the mid-sole and in terms of colors the red/navy works best for us (yea AMERICA). The shoes are now available from Opening Ceremony for $75.00.

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