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In 2009 a wave hit the fashion world. This ‘wave’ being Roxy and the surfer that dropped in? None other than Cynthia Rowley, and scored nearly a 10. What am I alluding to here… None other than the collaboration with one of America’s best-known fashion designers and Los Angeles-based surf label Roxy, unleashing the label Cynthia Rowley for Roxy. That first début back in 09’ of the sports-wear/wetsuit collection landed in NYC and Paris simultaneously and was the talk of the fashion world as well as the surf scene.  


An experienced surfer Rowley unveiled a new fashion forward look, that remained functional (which is key athletic component). So how in fact did Roxy team up with Rowley?

It was a Montauk day of surfing when Rowley sat waiting for her turn  to drop in and catch a wave, a few of Roxy’s big wigs just happened to be in that very same line up. One thing led to another, a couple of ideas were thrown around and not to far down the road Cynthia Rowley for Roxy released their first line of fashion forward functional wetsuits catering to those ‘fit for fashion’. In addition to the wetsuits there were neoprene pencil skirts, jackets and ballet flats.

Fast forward to Rowley’s latest collection, she has made some adjustments and of course catered to the trends both on the runway and riding the waves. The introduction of a paisley print along with new silhouette that can even be mixed in to your everyday wardrobe.  

Although Rowley’s expertise lies in designing menswear, handbags, sunglasses, shoes and even baby clothing, the busy mother of two is enjoying designing surf-wear. “The possibilities are endless,” she says. 

Truly the only cute surf gear I have found on the scene. I’ve scoured, believe me, and of course I already have mine. Although my suit will sub out for my wake board attire it’s just what I needed to hit lake Tahoe (brrrrr) for some fashion forward fun!

Thanks Rowley for making sporting attire fit for fashion. I’ll be looking to see what you come up with next!

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