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A perfect day for jogging in the park central, and the new Nike+ APP will be right there with you, to time, coach, catch any cut corners, and best of all, cheer you on!

The Nike+ GPS App for iPhone tracks your indoor and outdoor runs, saving you from calculations and a gazillion gadgets. Every workout is documented and saved  to your own profile via iPhone or iPod touch. The latest and greatest feature of the  Nike+ GPS App – a personal cheer squad! Cause everyone needs a little cheer every now and then. Facebook has found another way to stalk its way into your life by  adding an update (optional upon purchase of course) while you run it out and get real-time cheers when friends post a comment on your status.

Now it’s your turn to step it up, so get on it at Nike+ GPS APP .com

Don’t worry I will cheer for you.

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