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For the eighth year running (pun intended), Nike will host an epic marathon fashion event.  Next weekend, October 16th, 2011, 20,000 male and female runners (no discrimination here, ladies) will race to raise money and awareness for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Though runners of both gender are welcome to participate, this is a race pretty obviously geared for the gir¬†here¬†l in the game (insert background track – “this one’s for the girls”), with some great marketing catered to our gender. ¬†Keywords: fashion forward, fitness, and FUN. Consider this a walk down the RUN-way. Take part in the festivities and you’ll experience:

  • An oh-so-fabulous fashion expotique in downtown SF Union Square¬†
  • A breathtaking race course (see race route map below)
  • And a whole host of on-course support and entertainment to make the trek as easy as a catwalk¬†

Once you’ve walked the walk & strutted your stuff all over the finish line, expect a a celebration along the lines of a VIP afterparty:¬†

  • Event: Post-race celebration, food, music, and more¬†
  • A killer gift bag: 100% recycled (honestly they’ve got everything) with a fashion-meets-function Nike Dri-FIT finisher T- shirt¬†
  • Oh, and (minor details)…an official finisher necklace designed by Tiffany ¬†& Co. ¬†Did I hear the chimes of motivation??

To stay connected РUp to date play by-play visit NWM2011 Facebook page. Or visit official website of Nike Womens Marathon SF 2011. 

Hope you’re practicing your blue steel faces, because being fit just got a whole lot more fashionable.¬†

Love, E!

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As founder of A fashion meets fitness dot com space aiming to provide curated content for those fashionable fit and all model athletes. Photo Art Director - E