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Oh how clever I am today! Sand Service: Focus … beach volleyball. Not only does this sports dress code include supercute, scandalous swimwear while volleying you also reap the benefits of acquiring a gorgeous glow from the summer sun… but this beach ball sport is bound to bust for body into shape. This credit may go to the sand which has been said to create some toning on the lower half (did someone say LEGS?) while the upper body (shoulders and arms) get tight and look so right. A win-win situation… and if winning isn’t my forte, I’m not sure what is?

Just to set you straight,  (get it) I will sum up the benefits into a little list…when your finished reading you will have no other choice but to bump, set, and SPIKE yourself into game time.

  1. Very cute dress code – bandeaux tops are not recommended (in this sport you are bound to bounce)
  2. Grab a summer glow, get a dose of vitamin D while you dig – don’t forget to  BLOCK the UV rays with some water proof SPF – just in case you break a sweat
  3. Play with your whole beach crew. Usually 6 vs. 6 but give or take wont change the fun of the game
  4. Studies have shown that 45 minutes of volleyball burns an amount reaching to 585 calories… and I rest my case
  5. Sexy, sculpted arms – constant arm movement prescribes the perfect tone for your shoulders and arms.
  6. Stabilizing your body in the sand also enhances your stems – LEGS – GET IT!
  7. Hand eye coordination – I know it’s not vital to our survival but having fast reflexes wont hurt, right!?!

So get to the park and bump it. There is a tourney this Saturday at Water Taxi Beach! You could come away with some cash money along with a killer bod. Did someone say shopping spree? Visit Big City Volleyball‘s website for further details.

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