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Nike+. So what is Nike adding now? They just released the Nike power band, which brought exercise and technology and paired them up better than any meeting. Well , looks like the band wasn’t the only surprise Nike didn’t include on their profile page. Enter technologic innovation: change the way we workout as of, well… now. Today Nike released Nike+ basketball and training shoes. Not just another shoe, here’s the kicker. These shoes have some serious wiring mixed with imbedded pressure sensors and accelerometers. This new setup collects previously un-measurable, movement-based stats across multiple levels of speed and agility (every step, shuffle, lunge, and jump).

This technology isn’t new to Nike—it has been used extensively in design research to understand how athletes move. Nike is now allowing all athletes this innovation, making it functional for everybody. Every movement is measured and stats sent wirelessly to your iPhone. So what to do with all your data. You can share, or compete. Information at your fingertips is ment to inspire, a shift to improve performance and dedication. To fully understand what the latest Nike+ advancements mean for the company, consider President and CEO Mark Parker’s general but bold statement: “It’s about much more than a shoe. It represents a shift for Nike from product, to product plus experience.”

Cheater Proof meet Coaches new best friends. 

Nike – two thumbs up – old school style


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