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Every thursday morning come Memorial Day Park Avenue is filled with black SUVs. Drivers reading papers, sipping coffee, awaiting those natives of NYC who wish to depart to anywhere closer to cool. Destination beach, located anywhere on the coast line. The kicker here is to get out of our concrete jungle traffic to the beach can be a b*tch.  

Enter brilliant minds of NYC; catering to make our lives more efficient and a bit less stressful.  So, for those summer season Hamptonites, I present a way to transport you in little over an hour; from your office screen saver of the sea to the actual sea (you can see!). 

What: Two weekend sea-plane services to the Hampton’s make their début this season: StndAIR and Fly the Whale. Both are offering outgoing flights on Fridays, and return flights on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. The Standard service also includes outbound evening flights on Thursdays and flights to Shelter Island.

Where: 2430 FDR Drive at East Twenty-third Street, Manhattan

When: Stnd Air, now through September 12; Fly the Whale, now through mid-September
Details: StndAIR Hamptons service, $495 for a one-way trip, and Shelter Island service, $595;, or Fly the Whale, Hamptons service, $495 for a one-way trip; 212.221.1203,

Board in your office attire, depart with beach worthy best. I think we shall coin this change of wardrobe when traveling from one location and clothing norm to another ‘go and show’. A change of clothes is vital as black and red in our classic Louboutin’s cater best to a concrete color story, not the sand. 

Avoid that bumper to bumper gridlock and cut travel time in half? Yes, that sounds delightful, I’ll have that please.

Don’t forget your I-Pad, Just enough hang time to get your fill of LLP latest and greatest. 

Safe Hopping! Love, E!

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