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Kassia Meador is undoubtly recognizable among the surf scene. Pro on the waves and punk on the land has landed her the role of Roxy’s poster girl. Her creativity can be seen in her Roxy wetsuit line as well as her photography which took off in 2004 in the creation of stardust productions (capturing female surfers in their element). Their first surf film, entitled Fashion (its a dream come true), was released last year. It seems like this pro has got all her ducks in a row urfs, trains, shoots, models, creates art and gets ready for her next bout of travel.

Super fun and friendly I was happy to spray paint skateboards with her during Roxy Soho’s fashion night out.  Design your own skate board? Don’t mind if I do… So much fun! I snapped a shot with the pro and my board and had her sign it. Gear up for the giveaway later this month after a protective coat or two of lacquer.

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