Through The Cold

Finding winter running gear that can check enough boxes to get you take your workout outside; keep me warm, make it functional, and something I actually want to be seen in.  Please and thank you. And it just happened to find a perfect match when we stopped into the newly renovated Nike flagship store in SoHo we found one perfect outfit to run through the cold, instead of from it.

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Nike Zonal Aerosheild jacket $175

Nike Compression Tights in store only

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Shoe Sense

Nike+. So what is Nike adding now? They just released the Nike power band, which brought exercise and technology and paired them up better than any meeting. Well , looks like the band wasn’t the only surprise Nike didn’t include on their profile page. Enter technologic innovation: change the way we workout as of, well… now. Today Nike released Nike+ basketball and training shoes. Not just another shoe, here’s the kicker. These shoes have some serious wiring mixed with imbedded pressure sensors and accelerometers. This new setup collects previously un-measurable, movement-based stats across multiple levels of speed and agility (every step, shuffle, lunge, and jump).

This technology isn’t new to Nike—it has been used extensively in design research to understand how athletes move. Nike is now allowing all athletes this innovation, making it functional for everybody. Every movement is measured and stats sent wirelessly to your iPhone. So what to do with all your data. You can share, or compete. Information at your fingertips is ment to inspire, a shift to improve performance and dedication. To fully understand what the latest Nike+ advancements mean for the company, consider President and CEO Mark Parker’s general but bold statement: “It’s about much more than a shoe. It represents a shift for Nike from product, to product plus experience.”

Cheater Proof meet Coaches new best friends. 

Nike – two thumbs up – old school style



German design agency HORT, were recently asked by Nike to develop and design a system for their ongoing Empire Testing campaign.

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Resulting in these strong black and white images, bold colour bursts, and short, sharp texts are able to convey passionate messages that are in line with Nike’s previous advertisements. See full post at

Run More

A perfect day for jogging in the park central, and the new Nike+ APP will be right there with you, to time, coach, catch any cut corners, and best of all, cheer you on!

The Nike+ GPS App for iPhone tracks your indoor and outdoor runs, saving you from calculations and a gazillion gadgets. Every workout is documented and saved  to your own profile via iPhone or iPod touch. The latest and greatest feature of the  Nike+ GPS App – a personal cheer squad! Cause everyone needs a little cheer every now and then. Facebook has found another way to stalk its way into your life by  adding an update (optional upon purchase of course) while you run it out and get real-time cheers when friends post a comment on your status.

Now it’s your turn to step it up, so get on it at Nike+ GPS APP .com

Don’t worry I will cheer for you.

Women In Check

No…It can’t be. Is it? Why yes… yes it is! Real Live Athletes, modeling some sick NIKE threads that are ohhhh so cute! Definately a collection to check out.

Featured above: Monyca Byrne-Wickey can now add model to her list of accomplishments. A new category Monyca can now add to her already impressive list of accomplishments in the surf world. Already a World Pro Junior Champ, self taught, and world renowned are just the tip of the iceberg for this young one.  This native Hawaiians blood my be responsible for her amazing surf skill and possibly her striking beauty but one this is for sure, I’m heading to Nike town to grab myself some of these new kicks

Check out these looks on along with some other incredible women athletes. You’re welcome!

Chicago’s having a BALL

A Soccer ball that is, or two, or three…..

The Wold Cup may officially over… but not to worry, world cup apparel and merchandise will remain for a hot second. You can start right now by collecting one of St. Alfred’s soccer balls that were designed in collaboration (I see a theme reoccurring here sports and fashion, how wonderful a union it is!) with Nike Sportswear as their Six Points space gears up to close down shop. The final project is a series of artist-designed soccer balls created by Cody Hudson, Mr. Cartoon, and Dzine that are the focus of a silent auction. Proceeds will be donated to the Urban Initiatives program, a local Chicago-based effort for helping youth succeed in society through the help of soccer. The auction is now underway and will finalize on July 17th (TOMORROW!) at Six Points.

The money is going to a good cause! All proceeds will be donated to the Urban Initiatives program, a local Chicago-based effort for helping youth succeed in society through the help of soccer. The auction is now underway and will finalize on July 17th (TOMORROW!) at Six Points.

So go ahead grab a ball!

To see the entire collection please visit St Alfreds website.

Check It

Shortaaaaaa – Nike Training Compression Shorts are some of my fav’s to work it out in and sweat it out in.

If you have never heard of the clothing article know as the ‘compression short’ before this very moment –  think new age spandex – as in new fabrics/colors/and gym clothing acceptance – defined by as; form-fitting garments usually worn by athletes. When worn they cover the athlete’s waist to mid or lower thigh, often made from a spandex-type material, similar to cycling shorts.

Benefits of compression shorts are that they keep the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. In addition, there is some evidence that compression shorts may enhance athletic performance, and help to keep undergarments in place, and for certain sports, like baseball and softball where they are also known as “sliding shorts”.

Being a fan of Nike training Compression Shorts there are many other companies that make a cute compression short; Under-Armor, Adidas, Lulu Lemon. You will pay a little extra, but they will last.  I wear them playing volleyball, running, and for all around training. Note that these guys tend to be a little thin so if I’m feeling not so in shape Nike offers a thicker material with the same fit and shape that kind of act as Spanx.

One noteworthy blogs – 4th and Bleeker (because the styling/simplicity/and the fact that the author is the only feature) author has offered up a workout short fashion shoot. Lets face it these shorts can be defined in every sense of the word HOT.