Nix Netflix and Chill for…

Whether travel, never-ending work hours, or a generally all-over-the-board schedule, there is a lot of pull on life that can leave your workout routine neglected. The simple solution may be streaming. Whenever, wherever workouts and classes accessed anytime/anywhere (with space for a yoga mat and a solid WiFi connection). Here are some viral options for you to try out.


  • YogaGlo

    YogaGlo’s online classes range from 5-120 minutes, and students can pick between super physical “body” classes to more spiritual or meditative mind and heart classes. The big selling point, though, is that they fly in some of the country’s best yoga teachers, so you get access to incredible resources. In addition, members have access to lectures and workshops by yoga scholars.

  • Tracy Anderson

    This option needs little in the way of introduction: This is the workout that GP does, made available in living rooms everywhere. Tracy films her weekly Master Class, which means that you’re getting the same routine as what goes down in the studio classes—and like a traditional membership, the moves change every week. Die-hards can actually install the signature cardio fly floor in their garages or spare bedrooms for the full experience.

  • Ballet Beautiful

    It’s not really surprising that Mary Helen Bowers’ ballet-based workout chain is growing like crazy; her body does the advertising itself. The streaming workouts are interactive, meaning that thanks to the magic of Skype, instructors can actually see you in your home and offer real-time feedback on your form.

  • Pilatesology

    Since everything happens on the mat, Pilates has lent itself nicely to at-home videos since the days of VHS. For devotees of the old-school style, streaming service Pilatesology is truly an indispensable resource. Workouts can be tailored to fit time availability, skill level, and equipment availability; a membership affords access to everything from beginner mat classes to advanced reformer work.

  • Daily Burn

    At $12.95/month, Daily Burn costs about as much as you’ll probably spend on lunch today, but the payoff is significantly more substantial. The website offers diverse workouts from a stable of in-house instructors, including classes in Pilates, yoga, weightlifting, and cardio. Easy-to-follow meal plans are also included.

  • Yogis Anonymous

    Yogis Anonymous is based out of a homey Santa Monica studio, and the videos on their site are footage of their actual classes. New classes are uploaded frequently, so there’s no risk of boredom, and the lack of staging makes the entire endeavor feel very comfortable and a lot less cheesy. If you live in LA, it’s easy to supplement the convenience of the digital classes with the community of their real-life studio.

  • Peloton

    The concept behind Peloton is pretty genius if you’re a spin fan: purchase one of their bikes for your home, and you’ll get access to live and on-demand spin classes taught in their New York studio from the screen mounted to your bike. Those with a competitive streak will appreciate that metrics are displayed throughout the ride (if you’d rather not know, you can always collapse that view). In addition to their classic indoor classes, they offer outdoor-style rides with professional cyclists through their partnership with the Garmin team.


Well, when you put it like THAT

If swimsuit season wasn’t enough to kick your workout into gear… 

You don’t need to thank me. It was no sweat!

Love, E!

Make A Splash

With a month dedicated solely to sweat, why not play it cool in the pool? The water might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of shaping up and slimming down,— but perhaps it should be. No other workout burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body (without putting stress on your joints) better than swimming.

A water workout can whittle a sexy, sculpted silhouette. Researchers at Indiana University compared recreational fitness swimmers with non-swimmers, they found that swimmers of all ages had more lean muscle and trimmer waists and hips.

I know, I know… a water workout doesn’t offer up the whole lace-up-your-shoes -and-go convenience that running does, but with these four key items you’re set to make a splash: H2o, —swimsuit, cap, and goggles—.

So go ahead and jump into one of the best workouts for women.

Check out the online site de mi Mardrefor some sporty new swim gear – Splash International – Aquatic Superstore

Music Sweat Best Bet

Music could not be more important to me when I am working out. The right music can not only put me in the right workout mindset, but it can give me that extra push I need to step it up.

I always seem to take classes that have good music. I don’t know how important it is in your workout but it’s vital to a kick myself into shape workout regime.

When on a hard workout I take my iPod Shuffle 3G.

Fill it with your favorite pump up songs and being the world smallest music player you wont feel weighed down or restricted (side note I saw someone running with the iPad through central park the other day – now that’s a missed Kodak moment missed opportunity) . iPod shuffle 3G start at 59$ and comes in some cute colors.

I opt for different headphones as the apple headphones are to big for my tiny ears and fall out when the sweat starts dripping. Like a persons fingerprint everyone had their own favorite headphones for working out . I like Adidas OMX 680 Sports ear clip Headphones with Volume Control and Adjustable ear clips. Nothing more annoying than worrying about your headphones falling out when you are concentrating on working out.

To use you own headphones – purchase this adaptor from apple; Belkin Headphone Adapter with Remote for iPod shuffle (3rd. Gen.). So worth it!

Check out some music below that will put you in the mood!

You Spin My Head Right Round – Right Round.

She’s amazing, fire blazing…Stephanie Spangler’s spin classes that is.

Her up-beat music and challenging spin workouts consist of various workout routines that leave her students dripping sweat and begging for more. There literally is a waiting list to get into her classes! Sweating it out in her class is an understatement.

Her body belongs on a poster… this stellar physique can be attributed to her extensive background in competitive sports beginning at age four with swimming, then adding in a mix of dance, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey.  Through the years she has racked her weekly workout hours to a whopping 40.

What is she doing now with all those goodie powers? Steph is current member of NYRR and competes in everything from 5k’s to marathons, including NYC ING and Philly (a current PR of 3:22.29 and split of 1:32.01), not to mention Iron Man triathlon…. that’s, right I said IRON MAN!

In 2008 Steph was certified to spin it round, and after a couple of rotations (six months to be exact), began teaching. She currently teaches her cardio party at the following locations:

  • Evolution Sports Club in Astoria, NY at 7:00pm on Monday evenings
  • Boom Fitness on 4 Park Ave, NY NY at 7:00pm on Tuesday evenings
  • Boom Fitness on 81st and 3rd, NY NY at 6:30am on Thursday mornings

So go catch a class with this FLO RIDER, and sweat it out Steph style.

No stoppin’ her now, her sweat is on roll… this roll would not be possible with out her favorite equipment which includes her Mizuno’s or Asics running shoes and her choice obsession: Nike Apparel’s line of compression shorts.

When Steph wants to get down, down, with a serious sweat session and doesn’t feel like making up another lesson plan, she calls on personal trainer Sean Wright – who has some seriously intense boot-camp sessions.

Pop in next post cause her mix will be ours – Steph’s playlist that is – I’ll be sharing her favorite beats to speed up your feet.