Game On – Single vs. Doubles

Sometimes we just need a little love:love. Wether you are in the mood for singles or doubles here is where you can get on the court in and around the BIG APPLE.






Love – Love

To be an expert at everything. Polish up on your tennis terminology, because everything is better with a little gloss.

serve that is neither touched nor returned by the receiving player.

(“In” or “Out”) – the first point won by a side, following deuce. When the serving side wins this point it is called advantage-in. If the non-serving side wins the point, it becomes “break point” and the advantage is out.

The lane between the singles and doubles sidelines; out-of-bounds in singles play.

Association of Tennis Professionals, the men’s professional circuit

player turns so that the shoulder of the racket-bearing arm faces the net before bringing the racket forward and across the body to meet the ball.

undercutting the ball with the racket so that it bounces back toward the net and away from an opponent.

winning a set 6-0. A double bagel is winning 6-0, 6-0.

a person, male or female, tasked with retrieving tennis balls from the court that have gone out of play

boundary on either end of the court representing the outer limits of the length of the court.

hitting long ground strokes from the baseline

when a non-serving player has the scoring advantage and is one point away from winning the game.

when the non-serving side wins the game.


a ball hit diagonally across the tennis court on a baseline ground stroke.

when two competing sides are tied at “40″ in a game. Because a game must be won by two points, play continues from deuce until one player leads by a margin of two points.

when both serving attempts fail to land inside the service court the opponent wins the point.

hitting the ball straight ahead into the opponent’s court.

a lightly hit, spinning return that drops softly over the net, forcing the opponent to approach the net.

when a serve is illegal or fails to land in the service court.

when the server steps across the baseline prior to hitting the ball.

when a player is out of position and unable to return a well hit ball by an opposing player.

player pivots the body so that the shoulder of the non racket-bearing arm faces the net. The player then swings the racket forward to meet the ball.

winning the Grand Slam and the tennis Olympic gold medal in a calendar year

the four most prestigious tournaments in a year: the Australian Open, the French Open (or Roland Garros), Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

a forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court

when a serving player wins his or her own service game.

when a served ball touches the net cord but still lands within the service court.

a stroke in tennis where the ball is lifted high above the net with the intention of it going over the opposing player in the case of him being close to the net, thus nearly guaranteeing the point.

term meaning zero points.

the backcourt area between the baseline and the net; difficult for players caught in this area to make successful returns.

a powerful overhand volley shot generally used to return a lob.

players approach and position themselves at the net in an effort to cut down on the court size and make quick return volleys on the ball.

(in doubles) an aggressive move where the player at net moves to volley a shot intended for his/her partner.

PUT AWAY (or Kill)
when the ball his hit hard past an opponent who has no chance to make a return play on the ball. A put away scores a point.

when players trade numerous strokes back and forth on a single point.

player who receives the ball from the server.

begins every point of a tennis match. The player who initiates the point.

after a serve, it is the quick approach to the net by the serving player. The intent is to make a quick volley stroke on the ball against the opposing player’s service return shot.

area of the court between the net, the singles sideline, and the service line into which the ball is served.

grouping of games in a match. Each set is played until one side wins a total of six games by a margin of at least two games. If a set is even at six games apiece, a “tie-break” is played.

SET POINT (and Match Point)
when a player is one point away from winning the set or match. Double and triple set points describe when a player has a two or three point lead in a game that would decide the set or match.

similar to backspin in that it is a way of striking the ball so that it doesn’t bounce well for the opponent; used to draw a player out of position.

serving the ball in a way as to cause it to spin away from the receiving player; often used on a player’s second serve.

a match victory in which the victor never lost a set.

general term describing a player’s motion when hitting the ball either forehand or backhand.

if players are tied at six games each in a set, a tie-break decides the winner. Players alternate until one player wins seven points by a margin of at least two points.

opposite of back spin. The player brings the racket over the ball when he or she strikes it so that it spins from low to high as it travels forward.

when a player loses a point because he or she makes an error on a ball that could easily be returned.

occurs when a player strikes the ball before it bounces.

Women’s Tennis Association, the women’s professional circuit

Thanks for the cliff notes Pretty Tough. Love – Love the name!

It Must Be Love

The US Open is here tennis fans. The official start date was August 30th and will continue through September 1st. Matches are taking place at the USTA Bill Jean King National Tennis Center  which include several courts; Arthur Ashe Stadium. The stadium holds 23,700 people and you must have tickets, Louis Armstrong Stadium which holds 10,200. All court side box seating is reserved, the rest is first come first serve. Matches are also played in the Grandstand, holding  6,000, no tickets needed, as well as additional outer courts. The bigger the match the larger the stadium.

You can keep track of the standings at US OPEN official website.

Official outfitters for the US Open is none other than the well know American Vintage Preppy brand; Polo Ralph Lauren. You can purchase official gear at or at the Open itself.  My personal take on tennis apparel, sexiest sports gear out there for women. Even if your not a tennis pro, take advantage and look as good as one.

Add In

This delicious tennis bag – to your fashion forward look on the court this summer. My dear is this bag beautiful! Dubed the “Marina” by Cortiglia. A generously cut tennis bag, sporting a slim, rectangular profile. If you are a native new yorker you may know that totes can get rather large as we have to carry our life in them (no back seat wardrobe changes for us). But instead of looking like the bag lady that asks for change on the subway – make your shoulder bag a stand out accessory that can doubling as a luggage piece.

A perfect size for a carry on this beauty has enough room to easily accommodating two racquets (doubles anyone?).  Thoughtful design is an ace both on and off the court.  Proportioned to not only fit a woman’s body but also her sense of style, Cortiglia, of Italy, has succeeded where others have not – in engineering a fabulous tennis bag, that not only looks like a handbag, but plays like a pro.  Don’t worry with this big bag you wont have a Mary Poppins moment rummaging for your goods. The inside is tailored too sporting two interior tech pockets, one zippered inside pocket, as well as two exterior pockets. The easily accessible, zippered top opening allowing for excellent access, and sturdy as well with solid metal feet protect the base from damage. Other color-ways are offered in black, navy/white, and navy on navy (but this is my definitely my right hand choice).  C Without sacrificing the performance of a designer tennis bag, the Marina is a smart choice, delivering a serious advantage on court. Lets face it tennis outfits are sexy and so much fun to wear, make sure your accessories match your lux. look or you might just risk your service style.

Chanel Goes Extreme

Well, it seems as though I have died and gone to heaven! Extreme Chanel heaven that is.

Today I came across Chanel sporting equipment (my life will never be the same). Never before have I pondered placing Chanel and gnarly in the same sentence…. but now the two go hand in hand. Chanel has once again made the lives of the rich and famous a bit more chic. Chanel’s sport collection includes a range of items including tennis racquets, snowboards, helmets, roller blades, weights, surfboards, guitars, and a dingy (who doesn’t want a Chanel dingy? Honestly).

From the sun to the snow they thought of everything… and they did it with style, as always. The brand was able to maintain its simple yet elegant design mentality with the execution of their product design, ensuring their items will top my Christmas list – as a matter of fact I think I will start one right now for 2010.

My-Oh-My. If this doesn’t make you sweat, I don’t know what will…..