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The temperature is falling which means that sadly the summer is coming to a close.

Take advantage and grab the last waves of summer.  Coined 2010 summer shades (sport em’ now, they might be out of style next summer); check, your designer suit you stalked all season to get half price this month; check, soundtracks of the summer (don’t you love when you hear ‘that’ song and it takes you right time, giving you the oh so right feeling.) check, your troops (lets make this ride one to remember people).

So grab a board.

I’ve got a feeling that…. It’s going to be a long winter with inches of snow, temperatures averaging below freezing, and cross your fingers here for Colorado ski conditions all over the east coast.

Hope that little cold chill put you in the mood to hit the surf. Slow your roll though, obviously I’m next in line to drop in.

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