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Ladies we have a movement upon us. In 2017 the outdoor and adventure apparel and gear market turned to the ladies. By that I mean that brands are approaching the problem of how to incorporate fashion, style, function, and fit into the products and apparel made for both women and girls. Let’s rewind a second and go back to pre-athlesure when the options for workout apparel were minimal. After the athlesure attack subsided (and was officially added to the dictionary) nearly every brand offered an interpretation of workout or gym wear. This is what’s about to happen (or has started to happen) in the outdoor and adventure market. It’s about to tip and enter an upheaval akin to athlesure and enter a phase of overhaul and redesign. Granted this is long overdue but marks a milestone for women and about time considering women make up 54% of the consumer market demographic. So what now? Companies will research, listen, and search for women’s input and really listen to what they want and expect from these products.
If you’re completely lost as to what I’m referring to, I am about to fill in the blanks. When you go shopping for outdoor adventure apparel or equipment you have two vastly different options (opposite sides of the spectrum). At one end we have purely technical gear that’s main focus is functionality and performance. I personally find these options to be styleless, they feel dorky, and can often feel very ‘granola’. Opposite we have the high fashion, the brands that make their debuts at fashion week via the runway and come with a huge price tag (think Moncler). There is no in-between no interpretations, combinations, or options that cater to women where they can represent their personal style.
Brands have one objective thats has to be approached uniquely by each and every company. They have to translate and interoperate how to represent the fashion and style that can be within their identity.  There have been several trend setters that were ahead of the masses. Offering options through collaborations and stepping outside of their comfort zone. Maybe thats what it will take? The fashion brands and the outdoor brands working on this together. Teamwork is always a good option (I would pay to see the first creative brainstorms – Proenza and Camelback). I have no doubt that this market is about to look very, very different and hopefully offers each of us something to wear or use on our next outdoor adventure.
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