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2020 has been a disaster. The global pandemic turned the routine of regular life on its head. Lockdowns we mandatory for the majority of countries around the world and were still not out of the woods. Spending months indoors was challenging especially living in a larger city and a small apartment with no outdoor space of my own. I’ve grown accustomed to small spaces that require a different kind of design understanding; multifunctional/multi-purpose furniture, organization, with time and patience, usually do the trick, however… My exercise routine has been in studios, gyms, or good old mother nature. Of course, I had exercise equipment that was on hand for the inspired yoga class pass session but the pandemic put me in my place (my apartment) with nowhere to escape. As my workout routine has slowly adjusted in a transition from in-person boutique classes to logging in online for classes. Some requiring equipment here and there, one thing became abundantly clear. A lot of exercise equipment is ugly. It belongs in a gym and nowhere else, and begging to be stored, hidden, out of sight, out of mind when not in use. Small apartments don’t provide the square footage to have a designated workout space so we make it work. Once I vocalized my disapproval I began looking for equipment whose design could eliminate the problem altogether. After hours of internet scouring, I have compiled a list of small space worthy workout equipment that didn’t have to be put away right after a workout. Virtual meeting attendees wouldn’t think of it more as art. In addition to the equipment here you can find more products on my Pinterest site here:  HOME GYM 

These past few months have been scary. There are so many things to focus on globally but as individuals, we need to make sure that we are healthy and taking care of our needs. That means exercise. Your home was never intended to accommodate all of our needs, but we will make do and move forward. Their products allow feeling good in my space rather than intrusive ultimately making exercising a little bit easier and more enjoyable. They might even work in your space too.


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6. Peleton Bike

Peloton has taken home workouts to a new level. After launching the company saw astounding growth and has now expanded additional streaming workout options. The price tag is steep but you rarely hear negative feedback about the product or the company overall. Their basic bike offers a convenient and immersive indoor cycling experience, streaming daily live classes from a studio in NYC to your home. An additional monthly fee is needed to access the studio cycling classes 24 hours seven days a week.  Peloton offers an all-access membership studio experience for Bikes or Treads and includes a Peloton App with this multi-user Membership for $39.00 per month.

Retail $ 2,245.00 (price includes delivery and assembly)

7. Maxwall Home Gym

The multifunctional wall bar is made for your full-body workout. Pull-Ups, Knee Lifts, Dips, and Crunches are just a few training options possible. The Maxwell Nature is made of light oiled durable beech wood and hand-polished stainless steel or brass. Made in Germany.

Retail currently unavailable

8. Treadly 2

Thin. Smart. Connected. The incredibly thin Treadly 2 is now smarter and more durable than ever before, featuring an innovative display, handrail speed control, Bluetooth speakers, and enhanced structure. We redesigned the entire treadmill from the ground up. A New Immersive Experience From the re-designed workout control modes to the ultra-lightweight frame, the Treadly 2 is a step above the rest. Equipped with a smart-control handrail system, it easily allows you to switch between multiple control modes. Standing only 3.7” tall The Treadly 2 is the ideal height to be stored underneath a couch, office desk, or bed.

Retail Treadly Basic $ 749.00 (on sale) and the Treadly 2 Pro $ 849.00 (on sale)

9. Tria Trainer

This 3 in 1 sit-up bench footprint is relatively small and is available in multiple wood finishes. The model pictured here is Ashwood and hand-oiled and black faux leather-covered seat.  Made in Germany this under the umbrella company NOHrD that also offers other equipment using the same ecological design. What I love about this piece of equipment is that is doesn’t scream ‘I belong in a gym’ and doesn’t feel out of place in a small apartment (even doubling for seating). Shipping could be a pain is currently offered in France with several verified resellers.

Retail $ 464.35

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