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Quick history lesson – The first¬†wakeboard, ‚ÄúSkurfer (shaped like a surfboard)‚ÄĚ developed by Tony Finn, win 1985. ¬†Popularity of this water board took off, and the¬†watersports industry jumped in on the game. Herb O’Brien, designed a Hyperlight wakeboard that made maneuvering easier, thus more people could ride. fast forward. The current wake board design includes¬†blunt nose and tail. An optional fin or more, which depends on how you’re going to ride and where you are going to ride. Most boards are made from fiberglass and graphite, and they feature bindings that hold the board on the riders feet.¬†¬†In general, wakeboards range in price from just under $200 to around $800.

As the sport has grown women have made a showing, making up 25% of all wakeboarders. Thus board design has been modified for women to ride.  So what is the difference between a male board and a female board? Girls boards tend to be shorter, thinner and lighter.  Along with aesthetics including pink, purple, flowers, and butterflies that about sums it up. Please let men stop designing female graphics. I will help, promise! 



Liquid Force


Although the number of girls designed boards are slim compared to the male selections of boards offered most of the big name companies (linked below) in the wake game offer female boards. Which leads me to the reveal of my endless research, the final three boards I am pondering.  Feel free to offer up any insight that will make this process a little less painful. 1) Ronix РQuarter till midnight 2) Ronix РFaith Hope Love 3) Liquid Force РMelissa. In order from the first choice to last here they are:

Cross your well manicured nails ladies. I’m going to need some guidance on this one.¬†


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