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… For Adidas and Stella McCartney. But not to worry, neither are close to striking out. More like a home run for this British designer who is being honored as the creative director for the British Olympic team and partnering with Adidas. (No designer has ever been granted such high-level Olympic involvement.) The entire look of the national team; overseeing every detail of the national kit – from the from competitive performance wear to downtime Olympic village tracksuits and fans’ sports tops.

Adidas is no stranger to GB Olympic team. They remain a long standing partner whose kits have been provided since 1984. The addition of Stella McCartney, a native of England is new but not foreign territory, well known for her sports-inspired range, “Adidas by Stella McCartney”.  Her main focuses for the 2012 collection will include making uniforms and athletes look good on TV, making it comfortable, and most importantly functional for the athletes (it has to work–technically). There is a fine line where fashion can not get in the way of winning medals. The host nation is looked upon to set president for maintaining the integrity of design while incorporating the functionality of performance.

No previews of the collection have been leaked but word on the street is that the outfits are reverting back to minimal designs with simple discreet detailing. Whatever her sketches may hold, Olympic officials are keen to play up the mental – and aesthetic – advantages of wearing a Stella McCartney designed sports outfit. The way an athlete looks and feels in their kit gives them a psychological advantage when competing.

Her current collection Stella McCartney bt Adidas feature silky parkas, muted pastel gym wear and yoga mats. Her line includes gym, running, swimming and tennis wear, aims to be stylish without resorting to gimmicks. In all it’s hot. It is likely that the Olympic designs will follow the same performance-meets-style principles. McCartney will face the challenge of designing menswear, as her earlier collections have been confined to women swear.

British athletes are already looking forward to slipping into their new gear and so am I. Cycling shorts and jogging bottoms have been incorporated into the catwalk and the pages of Vogue this year, proving that the paths of fashion and sport meet on a regular basis.That’s what I like to hear! This is leading to countless collaborations between fashion designers and sports labels have also become commonplace over the past decade.

Not to worry. I will be here to hold your hand and report on this journey into the unknown. Where walking the catwalk and running the field go hand in hand, an unexplored territory that holds so much potential.

Congrats Stella. Your’re history in the making!

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