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It’s a….catsuit?  Close, but no cigar. It is in fact, a full-body swimsuit, making its public début in the 2008 Beijing Olympics by the master Phelps himself.


But wait – now you see it, now you don’t!   Where did this one-suit-wonder disappear?  And why?


After some digging, here’s your answer:  As of Jan. 1st 2010 FINA (world governing body of competitive swimming) our so-called one-der suit was outlawed by FINA (the world governing body of competitive swimming ), in a worldwide ban of all full-body polyurethane and neoprene suits from competition.


Why?  Performance enhancement, in it’s most scientific form.  The suits cut down on fatigue and gave swimmers more buoyancy and speed, which led to a ballpark breaking of 200 world records, 43 of which were broken at last summer’s world championships in Rome.


Phelps wore the Speedo LZR, a full-body, 50-percent polyurethane swimsuit during the Beijing Olympics, where he won eight gold medals. Phelps broke seven world records in Beijing.


Records are records, and they’re records for a reason.  With only hundredths of a second separating leaders from the rest of the pack, every hundredth count.  The speed suits helped shed the extra weight that helps to safeguard the records broken with its aid – it’s likely that those records won’t be touched for years.


For the rule-followers out there, here’s a breakdown of what you CAN wear to break your own records: any  material consisting of natural and/or synthetic, individual and non-consolidated yarns used to constitute a fabric by weaving, knitting and/or braiding. And if you’re really curious, there is a list of approved swimsuits listed on the FINA website. 


But maybe, there’s another way.  We are the generation most likely to repurpose – and Halloween is on it’s way – for a fierce catsuit…you may have found a solution. Done and done. 


Night kids. E

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