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Oh no, were not talking about badmouthing Karen, even though her shoes are so last season.  I’m talking about a good ole’ friendly game of trash ball. High school days are back and this time play for something worth while; play for who is taking the next coffee run.  Please take note that this competition and friendly game among co-workers make employees happy and step up their work game. This is in no way shape or form considered gambling, because that would be wrong, and I do not suggest wrong things while at work!

Supplies Needed: TPS report (preferably one in which in which you have already gotten the memo). Or break out the big guns by opting for these athletically deemed and decorated balls. All you need now is a trash can, bin, or container (I would opt for the trash can considering it is called trash ball.)

Now all you need is to get your head in the game. After today’s New York Monsoon Monday we all could use a little alleyOop.

Chest bump props to  team: Trapped In Suburbia.

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