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My first token souvenir upon my arrival in LaLaLand was a very special souvenir, from a very special someone.  In fact, I’d say it ranks pretty high on the perfection scale.  Check it out.


It’s no water bottle.  THIS my friends, is a re-hydration canister.  But not just any re-hydration canister – it’s the hippest one on this side of the West side.  Branded and sold by Undefeated, whose existence I’m embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about before I was gifted with this token.


Undefeated is simply on top of it’s game –  with a ‘for men only’ feel, they dominate the niche of fashion-forward sports market for men.  With a high price point (and a high profile consumer), limited points of purchase, and a limited amount of coveted inventory – it’s exclusivity at it’s best.   In fact, I can safely say that I am totally infatuated with the design aesthetic projects and their implementation into our little microcosm.


The most interesting thing to me, is the low profile the store keeps.  They (UNDFTD) are undefined in the .com world  – and are as mysterious online as they are in person.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.  Make a quick lap and see what treasures you stumble upon – and when you find something that both surprises and delights you, thank the special someone that got me the special token, that helped me find a special store in a very, very special place.


Never DFTD,



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