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First thought when looking at the below images: That’s not a woman! Well, you’re right, this is a photo of a man, silly! My latest obsession – ‘anything and everything NEON’ – has me obsessed with this company: Warriors of Radness. WOR, based in LA, embodies a unique surf-city lifestyle point-of-view. WOR’s philosophical spirit is rooted in an unwavering, imaginative idea that modern beach style should be as diverse and creative as the fun-loving individuals who wear it.

A tom boy at heart, I would like to voice several reasons why sporting men’s clothing is acceptable. I make my first case in that men’s shirts are L-O-N-G.  I would like to meet whatever fit models clothing companies are using to mold the length of women’s shirts. Second case and point, sometimes men’s graphics and colors are just better than women’s (note to designers: women’s graphic design should not be limited to the color purple and/or floral designs.)

But you don’t really need a reason to sport WOR’s gear other than these clothes are RAD. I will be sporting this great Cali style East Coast side for late wake nights on the boat.

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