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Your body is made up of 75 percent water as is the planet we live on…coincidence? I think not!

This month’s SWEAT SESSION is almost over. With the sweltering weather I hope you all have been staying hydrated (putting back in what you have been putting out)? The water bottles are out my friends – eco savvy and well designed, because everyone is doing it!

My friend and personal trainer Paul Hagerty CSCS, NASM-CPT (pictured below), is a renowned personal trainer and exercise physiologist in New York City. He makes sure his clients know that the basis of any bodily process is water. His clients have learned from Paul’s emphasis on H2O that you can’t work out hard without being well hydrated, nor will you see any positive physically changes without being hydrated (i.e muscle development). As Paul says, “Water is the key to life,  and the key to making your life a better one.”

Thanks for the water wake up Paul! Although we hear it daily, don’t forget to keep hydrated in this summer heat.

Paul recommends that if you are concerned about your daily water intake, seek out a dietitian and have your water intake analyzed. Everyone’s ideal H2O intake varies on weight, diet, workout regimen, and many other factors! So get the facts to get your gallon gauge go-ahead! Drink up!

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