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Every now and then while playing sports I like to lock eyes, and bat my lashes at the handsome hunks I just passed on the track. It’s nice that although we can hang with the boys because were just that good, it’s nice to feel like a girl. Please do not take me as the ‘I have to remain at a 9.0 pace because my makeup that I applied, just to work out, will start to run if I sweat to much’ girl. It’s just that I like to keep on my morning applied mascara, and not worry about having to take it off before I work out. That will  also keep my eyes from resembling a raccoon, although that would be an adorable Halloween costume (it’s only one day a year folks).  I rely on Bennifits, BADgal waterproof mascara. It hasn’t let me down yet and is always there to glam up my look for an impromptu photo-op while sweaty sporting.


And when I get something good I usually RUN with it! Pun here intended. But if you have a sporty lash love, dare to share? Sometimes the next batter up is… well… better.

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