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… legit health food. I like healthy food, I like it more when the healthy food tastes good. yOrganic is on point with the healthy and the taste good.  They have great food, fast. As a New Yorker’s, could we really ask for anything more? I got an opportunity to speak with Bo Kim, the co-founder of this downtown health bar and  am still awestruck at the passion behind this product. The idea for the store formulated from Kim’s frustration when filling prescriptions that can be cured naturally with the right food instituted into their daily intake. So if you are pondering, a personal consultation can lead to a prescription of juice, supplements, or even a shot (of wheat grass that is).  I can see the headlines now; new organic store, curs the common cold, flu, or—worst of all—hunger pangs with ease. A trip to Yorganic might be just what the doctor ordered.

Note: upon entry to website or restaurant, do not be intimidated by the unlimited/overwhelming menu options. I attribute this plethora to those picky organic eaters,who must have it a certain way, or no way at all. Fact: I don’t make decisions well, especially when supplied with a multitude of options on a menu. I about had a heart attack trying to decide what I wanted to order . Not to fret, if you dont know what you want choose from the Chef’s creations which are favorites and all delightfully delicious. However if you do happen to make your own from the menu I must, must, must personally advise

1) BLISS BOWL!  It’s like when you head to a salad place for lunch, but your base is brown rice, white rice, noodles or even lettuce and then you pick a protein, 4 vegetables and a sauce.  My go-to is the buck wheat noodles, spicy chicken, mushrooms, egg, spinach, and sprouts, throw in peanuts when I need something different.  (about 3 dollars).

2) Yorganic Health & Nut Bar (made from organic nuts, granola, honey, hemp protein, raisin, craisin):  

3) Frozen yogurt, I know the health craze in a cup is over, but this is good.   Yorganic offers fro-yo and assorted healthy, organic toppings.  

4) Wheat grass shot

Don’t you just feel a little bit healthier looking at that Bliss Bowl?
No matter what ends up on your plate, everything from Yorganic is designed to make you feel your best. 
As if you didn’t need an additional reason to love this place, they shop local. Sounds like a win, win, situation doc. I think a weekly dose should be more than sufficient.  
Enjoy. Love, E!
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