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She’s amazing, fire blazing…Stephanie Spangler’s spin classes that is.

Her up-beat music and challenging spin workouts consist of various workout routines that leave her students dripping sweat and begging for more. There literally is a waiting list to get into her classes! Sweating it out in her class is an understatement.

Her body belongs on a poster… this stellar physique can be attributed to her extensive background in competitive sports beginning at age four with swimming, then adding in a mix of dance, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey.  Through the years she has racked her weekly workout hours to a whopping 40.

What is she doing now with all those goodie powers? Steph is current member of NYRR and competes in everything from 5k’s to marathons, including NYC ING and Philly (a current PR of 3:22.29 and split of 1:32.01), not to mention Iron Man triathlon…. that’s, right I said IRON MAN!

In 2008 Steph was certified to spin it round, and after a couple of rotations (six months to be exact), began teaching. She currently teaches her cardio party at the following locations:

  • Evolution Sports Club in Astoria, NY at 7:00pm on Monday evenings
  • Boom Fitness on 4 Park Ave, NY NY at 7:00pm on Tuesday evenings
  • Boom Fitness on 81st and 3rd, NY NY at 6:30am on Thursday mornings

So go catch a class with this FLO RIDER, and sweat it out Steph style.

No stoppin’ her now, her sweat is on roll… this roll would not be possible with out her favorite equipment which includes her Mizuno’s or Asics running shoes and her choice obsession: Nike Apparel’s line of compression shorts.

When Steph wants to get down, down, with a serious sweat session and doesn’t feel like making up another lesson plan, she calls on personal trainer Sean Wright – who has some seriously intense boot-camp sessions.

Pop in next post cause her mix will be ours – Steph’s playlist that is – I’ll be sharing her favorite beats to speed up your feet.

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